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Realise your music dream

Realise your dream of playing music.

Realise your dream of playing music.


Are you a budding pianist?

Have you been putting it off for some time?

Playing a musical instrument is very beneficial. Here are 10 Benefits you can enjoy through playing music:

  1. It boosts your brain – there is evidence that musicians have organizationally and functionally different brains compared to non-musicians, especially in the areas of the brain used in processing and playing music.
  2. It helps your memory – research has shown that music stimulates your brain and can improve memory.
  3. It helps you socially – music can introduce you to new people especially if you join a music group. It can be fun to learn how to work as a team. 
  4. It boosts your confidence – learning to play an instrument can help your confidence grow. As your skills develop over time, so does your self-esteem.
  5. You learn patience and persistence – As you start to improve, you gain a sense of great satisfaction as you begin to master skills.
  6. They learn how to relax and distress. Music can help you connect to your feelings. Playing an instrument also gives you time to step away from your worries and concerns and come back refreshed and with a clearer mind.
  7. Music is constant learning – there are endless choices in the kind of music you can play. You begin a journey of exploring different styles and improving your skills
  8. You can use music to express yourself – as you improve, you can add your personality to each piece. Personalising your performance provide real satisfaction.
  9. You practice discipline – music provides many rewards as you practice each piece until you can master it. 
  10. Your creativity is fostered – music provides the perfect medium for exploring and experimenting with your creativity, which is exciting and fun.

At Mitchell Piano Studio, I understand how music delights, inspires and teaches our students multiple skills, which equips them with wonderful skills that assist them in other areas of their life.

Why wait any longer to try your hand at learning to play the piano?

The best time to begin is now. My classes are designed to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. I would love to help you achieve your dream of being able to play with confidence and proficiency. Contact me to find out how you can benefit from learning how to play.