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Online Lessons Tailored To You

Learning piano with Simply Music

Learning piano with Simply Music


Is music a part of you?

Have you always wanted to know how to play the piano?

Do you wonder how you will fit learning a new instrument into your busy schedule, or do you live remotely?


Learn to play the piano the easy way – online – and using a method that is tailored to you and guarantees success!



Some good reasons why online music lessons are beneficial:

1  you don’t need to travel to your lesson and back, saving you time

2  you still receive personalised attention from an attentive teacher

3  you can learn in the comfort of your own home

4  online learning is very cost effective


ENROL NOW for an introductory lesson, contact Stephanie here.



If you live in the Frankston area, you can learn as part of a group or individually, in person! More info here.



Stephanie Mitchell has developed specialised teaching methods to make learning easy and enjoyable. She’s been privately teaching via this innovative approach for over 2 years.

Stephanie’s qualifications and experience enable her to provide training in all different music genres. She’s been playing piano since 3 years of age and was trained in classical music through the traditional method of learning.

Stephanie has a passion for online tuition as this allows her teaching methods to reach people who cannot travel or those who live remotely and would otherwise be unable to access piano lessons.



Have you always imagined sitting down at the piano and performing confidently?

Are you concerned that you may have left it too late or that it will be too hard to start learning now?

It’s never too late to learn!


Mitchell Piano Studio provides the training and encouragement you need to make your dream come true, regardless of the age you are when you commence piano lessons with us. Thanks to our teaching methods, including the Simply Music piano method, developed in Australia by Neil Moore, you’ll be performing in no time!

Stephanie Mitchell applies her understanding of traditional techniques with the easy-to-use Simply Music piano method to help you to build your skills and confidence in music. You can hone your own skills at a pace that suits you.

If you hope to do piano exams, I will tailor your learning according to the AMEB syllabus. For students just wanting to learn how to play songs, depending on your skills I may start you with the Simply Music piano method, or I might coach you to play what you want better. I am a flexible teacher who coaches you towards your requirements and goals.



I am able to offer in-person piano tuition to children 4 years of age and upwards. Please enquire as to available times.

Check it out here

Contact Stephanie to book your preferred time.
You can contact her here or give her a call on mob: 0450 354 342